The leaders in the UK Property Business

On this site we will profile some of the UK's leading property business leaders.

People who have made a significant impact in the property industry.

Meet the Property Leaders

Sol Zakay

Sol Zakay

Topland Group
Sol Zakay is CEO and Founder of Topland Group, which made its fortune in real estate, alongside his brother Eddie, through a series of judicious investments.

Tony Gallagher

Gallagher Estates
Tony Gallagher is the founder and former chairman of Gallagher Estates and Gallagher Developments, who has amassed his fortune via smart buying and preparing of land plots for residential and commercial development

Casper MacDonald-Hall

London & Cambridge Properties
Casper MacDonald-Hall (and family) has built his fortune through a property empire and owns 40% of the development company London & Cambridge Properties, as well as Sheet Anchor Property Investment of Havant and jointly owns the property investment company Proudreed.